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Archives: How to Find Specific Information in an Order
Archives: How to Find Specific Information in an Order

Archive module. Access to the module, details of the buyer, validation history.

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A buyer contacts you and wants to verify how many tickets they purchased or if they provided the correct email address. You may retrieve and modify this information in the “Archives” feature found in the “Orders” section. 

  1. In the “Orders” section, click on “Archives”.

  2. Fill out the fields in order to refine your search, using the information that you have on hand. You may click on “More options” and enter the buyer’s name or email address in order to carry out your search.

  3. Click on “Search” in order to display the results. 

  4. To view the order information, click on either the buyer’s name or the order number.

  5. To view event details, click on the event name. 

Pro Tip: If the person has their six-digit order number, which can be found at the top of their order confirmation email, you may enter the order number directly into the address bar, after the slash that follows “archives”.
For exemple,

Details of an Order

At the top of the page, you will have access to the buyer's information. This information can be modified.

Validation History

From the Archives module you will see the ticket validation information of a person.

  1. Find the order.

  2. In the validation column, click the date.

  3. A pop-up will open to give you the validation history for that ticket.

4. If the selected ticket has not been validated in exit mode, you can do it directly in this pop-up.

From the Archives module, you can also:

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