Thanks to the “Marketing” section and its powerful “Buyer Data” feature, you may obtain complete information regarding your ticket buyers, including answers to the custom questions that you created in the “Form” tab.

Using the dropdown menus, you may customize your report by changing the fields in the “Data” column. The data model may be saved, in case you need to refer to it often. Your buyer data may then be downloaded as a CSV or Excel file or viewed directly in’s Events Manager. You may modify how the columns are sorted by clicking on the arrows. 

  1. In the “Marketing” section, click on “Buyer Data”.

  2. Select the period for which you wish to obtain data.

  3. Choose whether you wish to obtain information for one or several events and for one or several rates. If you wish to obtain information for several events, you must have previously created an event group. 

4. In the “Data” column to the right, choose the fields that you wish to be displayed in your report. You may add or delete fields using the “+” and “x” buttons. If you wish, you may also rename the fields in the “Column Headers” column so that you can identify them more easily in your report.  

5. Place the fields in the order that they will be displayed in the report. To do so, click on the arrows next to each field or place your mouse on top of the arrows and hold it down while moving an entire line. 

6. Click on “View” in order to view the report. 

7. Click on “Excel” or “CSV” to download the report. 

8.    You may save the data model if you like, so you may reload the report at any time. 

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