View box office reports

This feature is particularly useful for venues and festivals. It lets organizers view the daily offline sales made by each user. The box office report works like a Z report in a restaurant. Each day, it assigns sales to every person who sells tickets or registrations for events within your company, and it allows you to close the register. Box office reports are linked to an account and not an event, and they include only the transactions made through our “Box Office” feature. Box office reports are laid out so that they may be printed on an event ticket. After you have printed the report, all of the fields return to 0 and you may begin a new accounting day. 

  1. In the “Reports” section, click on “Box Office Report”.

  2. If you manage several accounts, select the account linked to the report you would like to view.

  3. Select a specific user or all users if you would like an overall report.

  4. Click on “Display” to view the report. It will consist of four columns that detail the payment methods, number of transactions, number of tickets and the total amount. 

  5. You may print the X report (a preview of the sales report, without closing the register for the sales period) and print the Z report (this closes the sales period) by clicking on the buttons. 

  6. You can print reports from previous days, if necessary, by clicking on the “Print Old Report” button. 

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