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How to Give Away Complimentary Tickets
How to Give Away Complimentary Tickets

Offer and send complimentary tickets, manage a gueslist. Give free tickets via the Complimentary Tickets tool.

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If you wish to give away free, complimentary tickets for a general admission event to your partners or members of the media, use the “Complimentary Tickets” feature in the “Tickets” section.  Complimentary tickets are subtracted from the total capacity of your different ticket rates and will be entered in your final sales report as being sold for $0. 

    1.  In the “Tickets” section, click on “Complimentary Tickets”.

   2.  Select the account that created the event (if applicable) and the event for which             you wish to provide complimentary tickets.

   3. Select the types of tickets that you wish to display on the list of complimentary t           tickets. If you select a type of ticket, you will only be able to add this type of ticket         to a subsequent order of complimentary tickets.
  4. Click on “Search”, even if you wish to give tickets away and not to search for                  tickets that have already been given away.

   5. Enter the recipient’s first and last names, their organization (optional), email                   address (mandatory) and the type of ticket that you wish to give away.

   6. Enter the quantity of complimentary tickets destined for each recipient.
   7. You can add more recipients for complimentary tickets by clicking on the “+”                 button.
   8. When you have finished creating your complimentary tickets, click on “Save”.

   9. Tick the box next to the complimentary tickets and click on “Print” if you wish to            print tickets or “Send E-Tickets” if you wish to send electronic tickets. In order to          send complimentary tickets by email, the “E-Ticket” delivery option box must be            ticked in the “Rates” tab during the creation of the event. 

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