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FAQ – Accounting (Administration)
FAQ – Accounting (Administration)
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When will I receive the proceeds from my event sales?

If you selected our merchant account when setting up your event, you will receive the money from ticket sales on the Monday or Tuesday following your event. For virtual events that can be viewed on demand, the date of the last rate is taken as the date of the event.

What do the negative taxes on the credits mean?

When you receive payment for your ticket sales, the ticketing fees associated with these sales are deducted directly. The taxes on these fees are shown as a negative at the bottom of the credit. These taxes can be claimed when you file your tax returns.

Where can I find the taxes to be declared to the various levels of government?

Taxes related to ticket sales are not’s responsibility. This is why they are not broken down on the credits sent to you. Taxes related to ticket sales are available in the sales report, located in the table identified as “Sales Taxes”.

What is chargeback, and why am I liable to receive invoices marked as such up to 90 days after my event?

Chargeback occurs when a ticket buyer (real or otherwise) disputes a credit card transaction.

When such a situation arises, the credit card company informs us that a dispute has been filed. In association with the credit card company, an investigation is then launched to prove the truth of the transaction (proof of ticket validation, buyer information, email communications, etc.). If you receive an invoice, it’s because the credit card company has decided to reimburse the buyer despite our efforts to have the transaction recognized. In general, since buyers have 90 days to dispute a transaction on their credit card and you receive your funds in the week following your event, you will have already received the funds associated with the disputed transaction. Therefore, you will have to send us the amount we refunded to the buyer.

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