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Sales Report in PDF
Sales Report in PDF

Understand an event's sales report using the "My Events" module

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This report is automatically emailed to you once sales of all rates for your event have ended. It is sent to the email address that was entered in the reports tab of your event when it was created.

At all times, you may download an event’s sales report directly in My Events.

  1. In the Events section in the left menu, click on My Events.

  2. Click on the arrow to the right of the Modify button next to your event.

  3. Select Report

  4. In the new dialog window that appears, check off all the elements that you wish to be included in the report.

  5. Download the PDF version of the report by clicking on Display Report.

The following is an explanation of the various sections of the report:

Sales summaries

The sales summary gives you a quick overview of the sales you have made by sales channel.

Rate: The list of rates is displayed to the left of the sales summary. The same rate may be displayed more than once if the ticket was sold at a different price (for example, if a promo was applied).

Price: Unit cost per ticket sold

Fee: Organizer's fee

Cap: Total rate capacity

Comp: Number of complimentary tickets issued for this rate

Qty: Number of tickets sold; online, offline and printed (consignment, considered sold)

Tickets: Total sales per rate, including taxes

Online: Tickets sold on or through the shopping cart / purchase window integrated into the organizer’s website

Offline: All ticket sales made through the box office tool

Consignment: Tickets printed for physical sale

Online sales

This section includes the number of tickets sold on or through the shopping cart / purchase window integrated into the organizer's website.

The information is displayed according to the purchase origin and the rate purchased.

Website: Site on which the purchase was made.

Offline sales

This section includes all the tickets sold by the organizer through the box office. It provides details on sales made via external payment, integrated payment and our Stripe payment terminals.

Point of sale. The place where the purchase was made.

Some of our partners can sell tickets from all organizers.

Sales taxes

When an organizer enters their tax numbers in their organization profile, their taxes are detailed in this section. This provides the organizer with all the information they need to give the right amount to the government.

Gross: Amount including taxes

Net: Pre-tax income that comes to you

Payment methods

This section lists all the payment methods that were used for an event, along with the account into which the money was deposited.

  • If the account is, it means that the sale was made online or through integrated or box office terminal payment. The money will be transferred to the organizer in the days following the end of their event.

  • If the account is the organizer’s account with a number in parentheses, it means that the sale was made directly through the organizer's merchant account. The organizer already has the money.

  • If the account is in the organizer’s name, this means that the sale was made through the external payment box office. The organizer already has the money.

Transaction fees

This section indicates the transaction fees that will be charged to organizers who have chosen to absorb the fees rather than adding them to the box office fees.

Transaction fees are calculated on the unit cost of the ticket, including taxes.

Note: Taxes are applicable to transaction fees but are not calculated in this report.


This section includes all requests to print consignment tickets made by an organizer, listed by printing date.

Note: Taxes are applicable to printing costs but are not calculated in this report.

Note: If an organizer has a thermal printer, the printing fee will be $0, and they can use the offline printing module to print their tickets

If an organizer does not sell all the tickets printed on consignment, it is important to cancel the tickets, so the report is representative.


This section lists the postage costs charged to the organizer for consignment tickets.

Note: Taxes are applicable to printing costs but are not calculated in this report.

Cross revenue

Cross revenue is the amount of money made on accommodation or parking sales. Cross revenue income is not taxable, as it is a commission on the sale.


This section presents a summary of your event's sales and allows you to see the total amount of money you have made.

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