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How to Link a Professional Merchant Account
How to Link a Professional Merchant Account

Receive your funds directly into your account. Stripe, Paysafe, Paypal, Moneris, Payflow, Bambora, Converge, Nuvei, & Midtrans.

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If you would like to link an external merchant account, contact our team at

Professional services

This article will help you link your merchant account with platform.

There are several merchant account options. supports only a selection which you can see below, and this article will guide you in integrating each of them.

Reminder: You will have to pay the transaction fees agreed with your merchant account provider and you will receive the funds directly into your account according to the terms negotiated with them. Contact them directly to make changes or if you have any questions directly related to your merchant account.

Select your merchant account to view the steps:

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