How to Create a Promotion

Understanding the Promotions Module, Types of Promotions available

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Promotions are powerful sales tools that can make a big difference for you, and your events, and for the customer loyalty.

In this article, we will review and explain each section of the Promotions module so that you can master this powerful tool.
In addition, here are links to article how explain precisely how to create the most common promotions on our platform. 

First, the Promotions module is located in Marketing in the left menu of the Management Tool.
To create a promotion, you will need to click + Create Promotion at the top right corner.

Information Section

The Information Section is required for all promotions.

  • Enter your Organization if you have not already done so.

  • Indicate whether you want to limit the use of your promotion to one language only, or not.

  • Name your promotion.

  • (Optional:) Give an ID to your promotion. This identifier will be found in your sales report and in the Buyer Data Module. This identifier can be very useful for analyzing your promotion results.

Schedule Section

The Schedule Section is required for all promotions.

  • Enter the start and end date and time of your promotion. This means your promotion will no longer be available after the end date.

  • Specify the maximum number of uses. Leaving this field at 0 will make your promotion valid for an unlimited number of uses.

Choose between maximum number of uses per order or per ticket.

  • Per Order: Specifiy the total number of orders that will use your promotion.For example, if you put down 4 orders in the section, your promotion may be applied on 4 orders, i.e. on 4 different shopping carts regardless of the number of tickets chosen in each order.

  • Per Tickets: Specify the total number of tickets that will apply your promotion.For example, if you put down 4 tickets, your promotion can be used on 4 tickets maximum, not more.

Note that if you create multiple promotional codes in the Applicability section, you will be able to limit the use of those codes to fewer than the one selected specified in this section (but never more).

Promotion Type Section

The Promotion Type Section is required for all promotions.


Choose Percentage and enter the percentage, in numbers, that will be applied to the price of your ticket. The promotion applies to the amount taxes included and before fees.


Choose Discount to have your promotion apply a discount of a specified amount. You will have the option of creating a promotion whose discount applies to individual tickets, or the entire order. Discounts are applied on the amount after taxes.
Example: A ticket with a unit cost of $10 (taxes included), on which a discount of $2 applies, will now have a unit cost of $8 (taxes included).
The fees will be added after the promotion is applied.
So in the example, the fee would be added to the $8.

Fixed Price

Choose Fixed Price for your promotion to make your tickets the price you specified in this section. The Fixed Price includes taxes, but not fees. Fees are added when customers click on "Payment".


Choose Freebie to make your tickets free. If the promotion can be applied on different rates, the freebie will be applied on the cheapest ticket by default. As this is a $0 pass, no tax and no ticketing/transaction fees will be applied.
If you added an organizer fee, make sure that your fee can be applied to paid tickets only.

Applicability Section

Online Sales

Do you want your promotion to be valid online on our website, on the widget, on the shopping cart or on Facebook (if any of these tools are integrated)? If yes, check this option!

Offline Sales

Do you want your promotion to be valid from the Box Office Module and On-site sales points? If yes, tick this option!

Promotion Code Required

WARNING! If this box is not checked, the promotion will be applied automatically.
If you want the customer to have a promotional code to access the promotion, check this option.
The system will automatically create a random code. You can create your own promotional code by simply replacing the code already in place with the one that suits you. Simple promotional codes such as PROMO10 or REBATE15 are quite popular for their ease of use.
Under Maximum Number of Uses, specify the maximum number of uses for the code you are creating. You will be able to specify a different maximum number of uses for each code, but it will not be possible to put a greater number than the one entered in the Schedule section, if applicable.
Under Uses, you will see how many times your code has been used.
Create different promotional codes to track the success of your marketing campaigns!


By clicking on this button, you will be able to modify the maximum number of uses for all your promotional codes in a single modification.

Number of tickets/promotion

Determine the number of tickets per promotion.
Three options:

  1. At least: Use this option to apply your promotion on an order with a minimum number of passes. For example, if your promotion is to give a 20% discount when your customers buy for 3 tickets or more. You should put in At least 3.

  2. Exactly: Use this option to apply your promotion when a customer has a specific number of tickets. For example, for a 2 for 1. You should have exactly 2 tickets in the shopping chart and apply a freebie.

  3. Between: Use this option to apply your promotion on a group of tickets. For example, if you want to apply a 10% discount on the purchase of 1 or 3 tickets, but 20% on the purchase of 4 or 5, it should be indicated by making two different promotions targeting different numbers of tickets.


When you select that your promotion is valid on more than 2 tickets, you will be able to determine which type of rate combination you are allowing. By default the option any combination of tickets will be selected. But you can limit at the same rate, at different rates, at the same event, or at different events.

Max. Promotions/Order

In this box, specify the maximum number of promotions that can be applied for a single order.

Events Section

In this section, select all events and rates for which the promotion you just created will be applied.

Are you offering similar promotions for multiple events? Are they including various promo codes that would be time-consuming to transcribe manually? Please know that it is possible to duplicate a promotion within our event management tool.

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