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How Do I Set Up E-Ticket Activation?
How Do I Set Up E-Ticket Activation?

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Do you need to collect information from your participants to make sure your event runs smoothly? Although this information can be requested at the time of reservation, did you know that you can now ask these questions on the e-ticket itself? Check out this article to learn more about this feature.

Q: What is e-ticket activation?

To gather additional information from your participants for any reason, you can add a questionnaire to be filled out on the electronic ticket. This questionnaire must be filled out to activate the ticket and make it valid at the entrance of your event.

The participant’s ticket cannot be validated at the entrance until they complete the questionnaire. This ensures that you will receive the data you need before your event begins.

You can choose the questions based on your needs. In addition, you can determine whether the answer is required or optional for each question.

To learn more about this topic, we recommend reading the following article, which is shared with ticket holders:

What is e-ticket activation?

Q: How do I set up the e-ticket activation questionnaire?

Creating questions

  1. In the left-hand menu of the management tool, click on Settings, then on Custom Questions.

  2. Create the questions you want to ask your participants. If you need help creating your questions, follow the steps in the following article:

    How do I create custom questions?

Associating custom questions with your event

  1. Go to the My Events module using the left-hand menu.

  2. Go to the Form tab of your event.

  3. Under the Participant Data section, you will find a list of the custom questions created earlier, in addition to some generic questions used to collect buyer data.

  4. Check off the questions you want to ask your participants.

  5. If you have multiple rates set up in your event, a rate selection window will appear. Check the rates for which you would like the question to appear in the ticket activation form.
    For example, you may have some questions for a general admission ticket and other questions for a VIP section ticket.

  6. If you wish to add the question to all rates, click the All button at the top left of the rate selection window.

  7. If you no longer wish to pose the question to any rate, click the None button next to the All button.

  8. Save, then repeat the process with the remaining questions to be added to the ticket activation form.

Selecting rates

You can change the rates associated with a question at any time.

To do this, go back to Buyer Data and opposite your question, click on the information in the Rates column.

You can then modify the rates associated with your custom question and save when finished.

Configuring advanced settings

For each of your questions, click on the gear symbol to open the advanced settings window:

Data entry

Level: Select To Each Participant if you want the questions to be asked to all ticket holders.

Order online: Select No if you only want to display your questions in the ticket activation form.

Box office: Select No if you only want to display the questions in the ticket activation form.

Activation page: Select Yes to display the question on the ticket activation form. (If you select No, the question will not be added to the form.)

Data display

On purchase confirmation: Since the ticket activation form is filled out after the purchase confirmation is received, select No for the On Purchase Confirmation option in the Data Display section.

During validation: If you want the answers to the questions to be displayed on the ticket at the time of validation, select Yes next to the At validation option in the Data Display section. If you do not want the answers to be displayed on the ticket, select No.

Determining whether the answer to a question is required or optional

  1. To configure whether a question requires an answer or is optional for the participant, return to the Buyer Data section of the Form tab.

  2. Under the Required column, select Yes for questions that must be answered to validate the ticket, and select No for optional questions.

Be careful!

If you have a question with a checkbox, make sure you set it up correctly so there is no ambiguity.

For example, the question "Check if you have any food allergies" must not be mandatory because some people do not have food allergies and therefore will not check it.

It is also best to avoid negative questions with a "yes" or "no" answer choice, as this could create confusion for the participants and problems interpreting the data received.

Where can I see the participants’ answers?

You have two options for viewing this valuable data: through the Buyer Data module or through the Form tab of your event.

Customize the data model in the Buyer Data module by selecting the same questions that were asked on the ticket activation form. You will then be able to list all the responses received.

Using the Buyer Data module

It is also possible to view the information directly in the Form tab of your event by clicking on the pie icon next to each question asked.

Using the Form tab

Do you have more questions about setting up e-ticket activation? Contact us at and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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