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Troubleshooting - validation devices and app
Troubleshooting - validation devices and app

Whether you're using a rented validation device or a smartphone, check this article if you have any issues

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Updated over a week ago’s team has listed a few solutions if you’re having problems with the validation app.

First, make sure the device is fully charged and that you have access to a stable Wi-Fi network.

  • Note that a municipal internet network (Île Sans Fil or Zap) is not considered reliable.

  • Also, just because the device is connected to Wi-Fi, it does not mean that the internet connection is strong enough. Be sure to test it before your event to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Codes are not validating

  • Do you see the words Exit Mode at the bottom? If so, you probably accidentally turn on exit mode. In your event, at the bottom, click on Options. The Exit Mode option is at the top. This option is used to validate participants' exits and therefore allow entry validation again.

  • Are you connected to a Wi-Fi network?

Passes scan invalid

  • First thing, make sure you're in the right event! Attention mistakes happen to everyone.

  • Make sure you haven't accidentally chosen Exit mode in the Options (at the bottom).

  • In Options, verify that all the rates you need to scan are checked.

The laser/NFC is not working

(Laser on Famoco and Janam devices only)

  • The first step, make sure the NFC / Laser tab is selected. If you see the laser beams when pressing on the side, but the device does not perform any validation, it is usually because the NFC / Laser tab is not selected.

  • Check that the laser activation button isn't stuck (orange)

  • To reset the laser, exit and re-enter your event. Then select the NFC / laser tab.

  • Do you keep passes about 10 cm from the device? If the codes are too close or too far away, the laser may not be able to read the codes. The important thing is that the red of the laser covers the code.

  • What is the device's battery level? A device with a low battery might not be able to sustain the laser.

  • Restart the device.

The camera does not work

  • Go to the Permission of your device. If you answered "no" by mistake when the application asked your permission to access the camera.

  • Check that the camera is activated in the validation app settings.

Unable to close the device

Make sure that none of the buttons on the device are stuck. If a button is stuck, the device will not be able to turn off.

Check that no debris is blocking the enable button on the side of the device.

Delay between validation and sound / message

Depending on the traffic and the stability of the WI-FI network, it is possible to experience a delay of a few seconds before the ticket displays valid or invalid. There is no solution for this at the moment, other than to arm yourself with a little patience!

None of the above works

If none of the above actions work:

  • You can turn off the device and turn it back on.

  • You can remove the battery from the device and put it back in.

Here is how to remove the battery from the device:

Famoco: Unscrew the four screws that hold the battery in place, remove the battery, replace it and put the small screws back in. Make sure the screws are tight enough.

Janam: Remove the fabric fastener and move the buttons to the outside. You should also see padlock signs to show you how to do it. Remove the battery and replace it. Replace the cover.

Ulefone: Unscrew the screws that hold the battery in place, remove it, replace it and put the small screws back in. Make sure the screws are tight enough.

Remember, you can still validate passes manually or through the attendee list while waiting to resolve the issue!

We also have articles specific to the device:

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