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How to validate passes with a Famoco device
How to validate passes with a Famoco device
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If you have rented a Famoco validation device for your event and need more information about how it works, here is a very helpful article.

Before validating tickets

  1. Turn on the validation device.

  2. Make sure the validation device's battery is 100% charged before your event.

  3. Make sure you're connected to a Wi-Fi network.

    If you do not have Wi-Fi, we recommend using your cell phone’s shared connection. Validating tickets uses very little data.

  4. Open the application.

  5. Log in to your account by entering the same username and password you use when logging to the website.

  6. Select your event and click on Validate Passes


    On a Famoco validation device, laser mode validation is done by pressing the orange button (first button) located on the left side of the device.

If you have created a zone manifest, refer to this article

To speed up the login process, you can also create a login QR code for yourself (recommended if you use multiple devices)

5 ways to validate your passes

There are five different ways to validate a pass. Each user will be able to choose the best validation method for their type of event.

  • Camera

  • Laser

  • NFC

  • Manual

  • Attendees List

Learn more about the features of the validation app

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