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What are the best practices for optimizing the activities of a venue?

The following guide compiles all the best practices to be applied to optimize the activities of a venue. Whether it's related to ticket sales, data collection, or order management, you will find all our tips and tricks that allow you to maximize the use of our tools.

It is a checklist to refer to before, during, and after your events.

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How to optimize and adapt your sales offering?

  • Contact your event advisor if:

  • You plan to sell packages, passports, or subscriptions (fixed or customizable).

  • You want to apply the white-label option to our products.

  • You would like gift cards (virtual or physical) produced in your branding.

  • Create your seating plan or delegate this task to us ($).

  • Complete your refund and exchange policies, and provide as much information as possible in the event Details tab.

  • Display different showtimes of the same event in a calendar and group all your season's events under a single link.

  • Create various promotions accessible to the general public or with a single-use promotional code.

How to optimize the flow of your events?

How to do the follow-up and post-mortem of your events?

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