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How and when will I receive the funds from my event?

If you haven’t linked a merchant account (Stripe, Moneris or other), you will need to enter your bank details in the management tool via the Accounts > Organizations module in order to collect the money from your events. Direct deposits are made within one week of the end of your event.

How can I access my buyers’ data?

You can access all your buyers’ information in different areas of the management tool.

How do I send complimentary tickets?

Manage your guest list and easily send them e-tickets in the Tickets > Complimentary Tickets module.

For packages or subscriptions, or if you want information on the use of your complimentary tickets, you will need to place orders through our external box office. It is important to select “Yes” in the “Issue complimentary tickets” drop-down menu.

How can I refund tickets purchased online?

If you use our merchant account, we must refund online sales for you. Refund requests must be sent to If you use your own merchant account (Stripe or other), you can refund the tickets yourself via the platform. Here is the procedure.

How can I exchange tickets?

First, find the order containing the tickets to be exchanged via the Orders > Archives module. Select the tickets and click on the Exchange button. Then, simply follow the steps displayed in the ticket exchange pop-up. Read the complete procedure.

Why have my event sales decreased in the dashboard?

To view all sales for an event, click on the All link next to Period beside the date fields. By default, the dashboard displays sales within the last month for all your events combined.

Does the unit cost of my tickets include tax?

Yes, taxes are included by default and at all times. If you want your rate to be + tax, you must do the calculation (using the tax calculator) and enter the total amount including tax in the Unit cost field of your event’s Rates tab.

How can I sell tickets with reserved seats?

You can create your seat map using the module Venues > Seat maps. Once created, go to the Reserved Seating tab of your event to select the desired map and assign your rates to it. For more help, follow this procedure or entrust the full creation of your seat map to us ($).

How do I create promotions?

You can create various promotions using the Marketing > Promotions module. Simply complete the form and follow the steps in this comprehensive procedure. For more help, see our promotion creation tutorial.

My event has been cancelled or postponed. What should I do?

In the My Events module, click on the arrow to the right of your event’s Modify button and choose Cancel/Postpone from the drop-down menu. Fill in all the required information and refer to the full procedure if necessary. A message containing all the details of the event cancellation or postponement will be sent to ticket holders automatically.

How can I delete an event?

It is not possible to delete an event, even if it has passed or been cancelled. If you do not want it to appear in the search results for your events, you must set it to a date earlier than “today.”

Are there charges for a free event? What are they?

There is no charge for free events. Our usual fee of $1.14 applies automatically when an event is paid.

Are there preferential rates for charities?

No, there are no discounts on our fees. Discounts can sometimes be negotiated on a volume-only basis, as for a regular event. However, we have no hidden fees, unlike other donation management platforms that disguise their fees in the form of a minimum 15% voluntary contribution.

What should I do if I have a problem with the printer or can’t install it?

First, make sure it is turned on and plugged into the wall and the computer. Then, follow all the steps in the help centre, especially the Diagtool configuration. For more help, see our ticket printer troubleshooting tutorial [in French only].

Are printed (consigned) tickets considered as sold in my report?

Yes. By default, consigned tickets are added to the sales report as sold. If you want the report to balance, simply cancel unsold consignment tickets using the module Tickets > Cancel.

How can I validate the tickets for my event?

Option 1: You can download our free ticket validation app on any smartphone. You can validate ticket QR codes with your camera or validate attendees’ admission using the list mode.

Option 2: You can rent or buy our ticket scanners. Equipped with a high-performance laser mode, they are easy to use and have an excellent battery life. View our complete catalogue of equipment available to rent or buy.

For more help, see our ticket validation tutorial [in French only].

How can I sell tickets at my event?

We offer an external box office that allows you to easily sell offline. This will make your accounting easier, as all your sales will be recorded in the same place. You can also immediately print the tickets you sell and take advantage of our integrated payment tools if you don't have access to an external POS terminal. To find out more about our external box office, visit the help centre.

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